Are there any British people who speak American English and vice versa?

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  • I speak American English but I wrote fanfiction for a while using British English and it got to the point that it was hard for me to write the speech patterns of an American character correctly.

    Also, when I'm explaining things to people I often use this weird pseudo-east coast accent haha.


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  • I have the weirdest accent and lingo you'll ever find. Not because of where i am from, but my individual way of speaking.

    My default accent is a posh South African all boys private school jock accent. (Very strong and radiates strength and confidence).

    Then whenever I'm in a 'sophisticated' situation, where i am required to conduct myself formally and with class, my tongue will sometimes naturally and uncontrollably slip into a British (London) accent. When someone with a British accent speaks to me, i automatically switch to their accent (I try so hard to control it but i can't) and i would respond with the same accent.

    Whenever i'm talking to myself or in my thoughts, my accent is American (california, influenced from television). The voice inside my head will sometimes talk as an American.

    When I'm in my intimate mood, (like for real, I'm talking DTF mood), romantic like... I speak EVERYTHING in an American accent (like you'd think that I'm from America) and i just can't switch to my default accent, otherwise it would sound like i'm forcing it. I would moan and groan American, I would tease American... it's so weird.


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  • Obviously I speak British English, but I'll sometimes use US spellings when posting on the internet, just in deference to the Americans, who are more numerous and less literate...

  • An English guy once told me I sound northern English. Serval others said I sound British as well, apparently because all my English teachers have been trained in England and were always fond of British dialects and slang. Aaaaaaaand because of my anglophilia of course. :)

  • I speak perfect 'British English', and deem American English to be an abomination...

    • Funny story - the American accent is the original British English. The British accent was developed to sound more sophisticated in London and other more elite areas and eventually was transmitted outward throughout the UK.

      Americanisms and American spellings, however, are ours.

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    • *Rhotic pronounciation
      sorry for the typos

    • @Mártainn that's what I was thinking of. Tbh I don't know much about the differences among English accents within the UK - so I was thinking of the most obvious difference between the US and the UK's English.