Could my crush possibly like me back?

Ok, so I was sitting by my crush today and he was trying to look at what I was doing on my phone while I wasn't looking. Then I had saw him looking at it and I looked at him and he started smiling at me and kept trying to look at my phone. Then I said to him "Why you trying to see what's on my phone for?" And he was smiling and he was like "I was just trying to see what that was, was that Facebook?" And I was like "Nah it wasn't" and he was like "what was it then" and I was like "none of your buisness :) ". Then a few minutes he tried taking my phone so he was all up on me (not like that) trying to take my phone and he was like "I'm not gonna stop until you show me what you had on your phone" then I started laughing. Then he started asking me questions like who is my boyfriend, who I like and what's wrong with him, etc. He was also sitting close by me too. So, could he possibly like me back? @Paris13 @RicanEyes @scuff1986 @smahala1991 @Applefan1 can you answer this one as well please :)


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  • It really sounds like he likes you. When he tried to take your phone in fun like that he was actually flirting with you and the comment about "I'm not gonna stop until you show me what you had on your phone" was also him flirting with you. Even those smiles to you while he said things was him teasing you and again flirting with you. So yeah sounds like he likes you since he was flirting with you because he likes you. :)


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  • Not Only 'Could he possibly like me back' @Ashely_princess, but already being Terribly Territorial with "None of your business" Making sure it Might just Be... His own Business.
    Right now, consider this a kind compliment from his own end keep and up the good work with open lines of convo. Don't let your own guard Down until you know he is Really serious with his new Found and Then... Set him straight so he knows a few rules of your Phone privacy.
    He is Definitely on your Newbie list Of... Like me back.
    Good work and Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

    • So welcome as always, @Ashely_Princess :)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much for your own Vote of Confidence, @Ashely_Princess :)) xxoo

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  • It sure does sound like it and he was flirting with you. 😉😉😉