Is it bad that all my friends r male?

So I have like 2 girl friends that I talk to but we are not really close or anything maybe because am so close to my sister and she is my best friend that I don't feel the need to be have close to other girls but I am so close to lots of male friend (not slept with any of them) just putting that out there. But I will tell them anything and hang out with them a lot. I know that probs sounds bad. Am not a Tom boy or anything actually really girly but I don't know I just find it hard to trust girls sometimes I've had best friends in high school whom were female but they end up stabbing me in the back so I just trust guys better. I also find that if you r just friends with a guy that guys r so loyal to girls as friends. Does that make me sound like a hoe?


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  • Not unless you're sleeping with them. The majority of my friends are guys so I understand where you're coming from.

  • I'm friends with mostly guys. The only negative consequence that I've seen is that people typically assume I'm dating one of my friends or that I will date one of my friends in the future.