What does it mean when an ex girlfriend still posts things about you?

Okay so in reality I don't care because I'm sick of her and wish she'd be out of my mind forever, but I just have this one question.

She broke up with me 8 months ago.. I did absolutely nothing wrong, but another guy came into her life. On Tumblr, she's still posting things like "Sometimes you have to give up on people. Everyone that is in your journey is meant to be in your journey, but not everyone is meant to stay there" or "there's a big part of me that wishes I never met you. I preferred the emptiness in me when I didn't know it was there".

Furthermore "yes it bothers me, but one day it won't" and "one of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss, or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go".

Okay now that you know what she posted, why is she still posting these things. We haven't talked or seen eachother for multiple months. She also has a boyfriend whom she started having feelings for like a month or two after we broke up.

Also, I have stupidly been keeping up on her Tumblr here and there and there is not one single thing that has to do with her boyfriend. It's all about me or things she likes.

Why is she still posting this crap?


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  • Oh crap I do this same thing. I'm delusional to think that one of these days he'll read some sad quote on Facebook that's obviously about him and suddenly want to be in a relationship with me again.

    Truth is, whoever broke up with who, there is still something lingering between the two of you. If you didn't care at all and wanted her out of your mind you wouldn't check her page ever. If she didn't care about you, she wouldn't post emotionally charged quotes about how much she obviously regrets breaking up with you. I don't think there's any vindictive logic to what she's doing... in my mind it's not about power over you or anything like that.

    To me it's just sad. It's like she wants to tell you how much she screwed up. It's like she wants to show you her remorse and put out into the universe (or in this case Tumblr) the idea of you guys getting back together to see if there's still hope. Like me, she's hoping against all hope that somehow you'll understand what she's hinting at... an apology, a reconciliation... something for sure because she wouldn't have those quotes on her mind if you weren't on her mind - if she wasn't torturing herself with regret.

    • This is fantastic. Like this literally was one of the best responses I've had in a while.

      I dont mean to be a bother, but do you mind if I tell you my story about her and I tomorrow night? It's close to bedtime for me

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    • thank you for mho :)

    • No problem ma'am :) have a goodnight!

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  • As she said we don't like change, we fight to hold on... you didn't have an acrimonious break-up, so she still has warm feelings for you, even if you don't have corresponding ones for her.

    Take it as a compliment that she has difficulty letting you go, emotionally.
    It may well mean she hopes you read them, you know... hopes you will respond.

    • Thank you for that. Just what is weird is that I'm the one who reached out to her twice a couple months ago and after I ended the last conversation with "I'll talk to you later", she never initiated a conversation.

      Those kind of posts seem like she never wants me to respond.. Unless I'm just taking them the wrong way

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    • Wow, she is really playing wth you. She does indeed count on your reading her posts about you...

    • Dude tell me about it.

      Listen to this quick story of her playing with me:
      After I found out she was secretly trying to date this new guy, I ignored her and didn't message her for 3-4 weeks. (By the way, her and her bestfriend though *I* had a problem because *I* was the wrong ignoring her lol). Anyway, she texted me saying she found a STUFFED ANIMAL that I left at her house for her to keep. I said "just keep it". Then I said "well if you want to give it back, just leave it by your trash can that's out on the street and I'll pick it up". She said "stop being ridiculous." I didn't want to make contact with her obviously. After going back and forth, I finally just said "fine I'll come get it." Well when I go get it, her boyfriend is at her dang house, she comes out to my car all bitchy, tries to get information about the girl she THOUGHT I liked, asked where I just came from (she thought I was at that girls house), and gave me the animal. 😂. I've never even had a full convo with this new girl

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  • Probably because she knows you read her blog so posting about you gives her this power over you. It's easier said than done, but it would be best to just not check her blog anymore.

    • Why does she need power over me if she broke up with me and we don't talk anymore?

      I actually haven't read her blog for about 2 months... Until that streak ended tonight.

    • I don't know, seems like she's not good at moving on.

    • Thank you for your opinion, it means a lot :) you've helped clear so much up.. And you actually somehow made something click to where I know why she hasn't moved on. You're probably confused right now, but you're awesome 😄

  • You say she has a new boyfriend? They may not be about you. But if they are, why are you still checking her social media? If she bugs you, delete her off everything, then you won't have to see these things. She knows you'll see them so don't give her that power. Block and delete.

    • I know they are about me. I was one of the biggest things to happen in her life.

      I only checked her tumblr. I checked it after 2 months of not looking. She's blocked on everything else

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    • Thank you.. We were in a LDR for 1.5 years... I drove to see her multiple times a month. Things were great until the times where she got sad and just wanted to be in my arms, but that obviously couldn't happen. I think a LDR is sadly out of the question. I guess two people could be meant to be with eachother, but there's things we just can't control.. Especially at a young age

    • Maybe it's something to revisit when you're older then? I understand that LDR's are hard but we have to be realistic. Maybe you're meant to be together and one day it will happen. Until then, take care of yourself and try not to let this be the end of anything in the future.

  • They could be about the new boyfriend.

    • Thank you for your comment, but I'm 99% sure they're about me. These posts have been occurring here and there for the past 8 months.. And that's when she broke up with me. She even said to my face "he isn't you"... Pertaining to this new guy. I was a huge influence in her life

    • I guess. Well in any case just forget about her.

  • Are you sure these posts are about you and not others she has dated or other things that have gone on in her life?

    • I'm 100% positive. She's had 2 relationships before me, but they were like elementary and middle school type relationships. I was her first true love and we dated for 1.5 years. I was such a huge influence in her life that I know that they are definitely about me

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    • She actually texted me out of the blue yesterday. It's been months.

      Thank you for your help. It's very appreciated

    • Sure no problem

  • It means she like u what else is new!

    • Lol but what about the fact that she's been in a relationship for 6 months with another guy and that we haven't reached out to eachother for several months.. 🤔

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    • Lol no problem.. Get some rest haha

    • I have! lol

  • Would you still fuck her?

  • She probably DOES still have feelings for you. Whether she is over you or not, you played a huge role in her life and that won't ever change.

    She might even BE happy with this new guy, but that doesn't mean she doesn't regret the past. Breakups are so painful (even when it's for the best) and I think most people would be lying if they said they wouldn't go back in time and reverse things if they could. Everyone gets their hearts broken and yes, we learn from it but it always leaves emotional scars.

    I still look at the page of a guy I used to talk to last year. He was really funny and sweet and sooo handsome. I was falling head over heels for him. After a few months, he got really nasty... started dirty talking me, sending pics, harassing me constantly. He even threatened to rape me because I wouldn't sleep with him :(

    I lost ALL respect for him. I was even a bit scared of men after that because he changed so quickly. But I *still* checked his page for months and I just realized last week I still have old texts from him.

    I think girls just have trouble severing emotional connections sometimes. I can imagine if I had an ex, it would be at least 10x harder.

    You sound like you deserve better anyway TBH :) If she was "the one" I feel like she would have done anything to stay with you. Long distance is hard, but if two people truly want to make it work, they will.

    **And don't feel bad about being picky. I won't even talk to someone unless I feel like we have serious long-term potential. (Because I grew up in an abusive household and I don't want the same for my kids and myself and I'd also like to wait for sex and guys just don't respect that).

    Anyway, sorry for the novel.
    Tldr: She may or may not have feelings for you but you deserve better.

    • She texted me like 3-4 months ago with a text that reads exactly "By the looks of it I should be happy, but the truth is, I've never felt so alone in my entire life." This is while she was dating the other guy for about 2-3 months. I don't think she's fully happy with the guy.. Even based on that text. It feels like a rebound, though the guy was her bestfriend. She called it "a relationship with her bestfriend, not a romantic relationship". I never fully knew what that meant.

      She has said multiple times that I "was husband material" and that I remind her of the guys that were in movies like the notebook.. Just putting things into perspective.

      One of her best friends requested to follow me on Instagram, I accepted, and a day later the girl unfollowed.. I think my Ex wanted to see if I found someone else or if I moved on (I haven't completely moved on nor found someone).

      Thank you, I hope I do deserve better 😕.. If I could find better, I'd literally be the happiest guy

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    • My mistake. I was trying to keep my word count down because SOME people don't like long posts :P

      And did you mean it'd be hard to wait or hard to find someone with the same values?

    • It'd be hard to find someone with the same values all while also loving me for me and having things in common with me

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  • Sounds like she left you to get with what she thought would be a "better guy", but apparently the relationship she has with the other guy was not what she expected. So, now she's trying to play some mind games l, and posts stuff on social media because she knows it'll eventually get to you and you'll read it.

    • Thank you for posting. I'm gonna give you a quick backstory. She broke up with me because she was going off to college and big changes were coming in her life. She talked to this guy 24:7 when we were dating. After she broke up with me, I just knew she'd go to that other guy. She kept telling me "Will, he isn't you". I still don't understand that because she told me that before she even dated him. They're best friends as well.

      She does know that I look at her tumblr.. As she looks at mine, but I quit posting on it for the last couple months because I'm tired of it portraying my feelings toward her.

      Why is she trying to play mind games? That's dumb. She's the one that broke up with me. she's the one that never reached out to me.

    • Oh, I'm not meaning to insult your opinion... I was just saying her actions are dumb

  • Have you ever considered that she might just be a Quote Diva? Because this is shit that Basic Quote Diva Bitches do. I'm serious.

    It's like that girl who is going through a terrible divorce who totally hates life who keeps posting "CHIN UP! YOU CAN DO IT!" on her Facebook or "Family first" even though she hates family and won't talk to you unless you're giving her something.

    • You might be onto something here...

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    • Lol dang. Well she broke up with me 8 months ago and these posts are still coming...

      The fact of the matter is that I was an absolutely fantastic boyfriend. I don't mean to sound conceited, but this is true. I know that there's a minute chance that she'll find someone better than me.

      The problem is that the guy she's dating now is no where near close to the person I am. The fact that he isn't like me is just a further incentive to miss the relationship we had and realize how good of a guy I truly was to her

    • But that's her problem so let her work through it like the time-locked woman she is.

  • Assuming it is in fact about you and not someone else, because as you said you do not contact eachother. Then I assume she's hung up on you in some way

    • Thanks for the post man. What's weird is that she texted me for the first time in a very long time

  • She isn't over you yet

  • You're asking why a western woman is posting 'inspirational' quotes on top of some stupid background photos? That is a mystery but my biggest guess might be that she wants attention from it.

    • She knows that I follow her. Being tumblr, she only has a couple followers, so the only attention worth seeking is mine

  • She wants you back

  • She'a a psycho bitch. Leave her alone and stop looking at her shit. Remove her from everything.

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