Am I doing alright for 24 years old?

So I started college later @ 22 but I didn't let that deter me into thinking I was lower class. I invested into the stock market and I have $50,000 liquid saved up. I'm buying myself out a condo right by my college 1,300 sqft. Looks fairly modern and it's in a safe neighbhorhood. I'm going to be decking it out and making it a ultimate bachelor pad. I'm going to lease a brand new Mercedes CLA within the next couple months.

Am I doing alright for 24 years old?

I won't have to save and invest in stocks anymore because my property will be very profitable within 3-5 years. At least $50,00-$80,000 return when I sell it.

Problem is that my income is only $36,000 because all I do is drive for uber. Monthly income is $3,200.

I have another car I drive for uber with. Which is a Mazda 3. Which is payed off (Pic) I use this one for uber.

My dad is co signing the mortgage with me but he will be off in a couple years. It works out perfect with school. I still have 3 years of school left and I'll hopefully be an engineer by the time I hit 27 years old lol.

I don't know if I'm doing alright. I feel kind of ashamed because all I am is an uber driver and I'm still a student at the age of 24 but I think I'm getting it together. All this is finally coming together so I'm excited.

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  • it sounds like you have a plan and are managing it well.

  • Id say your doing great! My closest friend works for uber and also for a garbage truck company. He says he likes working for uber better :)


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