Can't get over someone who was never mine?

title speaks for itself. i'm desperate, he had me wrapped around his finger.


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  • Do something that involves self-improvement. Working out, practicing an instrument, learning a new skill, and so on. I find it helps if I focus on advancing in things I enjoy to put them in my mental rear view mirror, so to speak.


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  • Find another cuter boy ;) I know it sucks especially for the first 2 weeks, but what really helps me (this is awful but works) is that I think of reasons why it's good why we never got together. Get yourself distracted. Find a new hobby. Get involved. Go to parties. Meet new boys.

    • Thank you. I'll try. I just feel so played for so many reasons and it shouldn't hurt this bad because he was never mine but in a way he almost was.

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    • it's literally been 2 months and it still sucks

    • Have you not found another cute boy?

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