Please tell me why we should be letting all these illegal immigrants into Europe?

Please tell me why we should be letting all these illegal immigrants into Europe?

I'm astonished at home left-wingers are shocked that there's a chance one of the Paris terrorists infiltrated the country via the migrant routes!

I saw it coming. ISIS are smart enough to know that as liberals, we'll welcome illegal immigrants with open arms.

I lift my hat off to all the US states that are declining entry to immigrants... GOOD JOB! And I wish the UK was doing the same.

What ISIS really want is to create a civil war between us non-believers and the Muslims.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have already arrived here... God knows how many Jihadis returning from Syria.

Thanks OBAMA!


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  • If Europe would not let muslim immigrants to enter, then who would contribute for the terror in Europe and for the rape of the european women? what Europe would do without muslim barbarity?


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  • todays immigration to EU is too much. Those people has different religion, different values and EU isn't ablle to accept so much. If it will continue like this and Govs will do nothing to stop it, it will be end of Europe. Who is saying opposite, check my answer few years later.

  • Are you trying to say no country should allow anyone from another country into their country for stay?

    • No.

      I'm saying no to all these illegal immigrants from Syria/Iraq.

    • Yes I kind of agree with you partially.

  • To raise the crime rates of course why else? i guess this is why Europe never lasts more than fwe hundreds years everytime , cause people are just too dumb and they ruin it, stop the immigration and the problems will go away why its so hard to do that?

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