Do you guys want your photos photoshop?

hi i was just wondering if any of you people would like your photos photoshop and ill try my best to make it look good

im 15 and i have a Cs6. if you do want a photo to be photoshoped please dont send me one of you naked, messege me and i will give you my email.

here are some of my work. also please keep in mind that i have been learning to use this myself, and i have only been using it for about a year so i still have so much to learn! also i want to say that every body is beautiful so please dont be harsh on yourself xx

do you guys want your photos photoshop?



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  • So, you photoshopped your waist, tattoo, butt (ironed out the wrinkles in the bikini brief) and gave an all over lightener? If I saw the below pic by itself I wouldn't have known otherwise... nice PS skills

  • You photoshoped your wedgie?


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