Have you ever done something totally awesome but no one else saw it! And you didn't record it?

I blow my own mind all the time!


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  • OMG YES! i was with my mates and we were just shooting hoops with a soccer ball :P lol.
    anyway i wanted to try kicking the soccer ball into the hoop, from the ground. so yeah i did it and only like 2 people were watching -.- i totally felt like Beckham, not gonna lie.

    • I once did something similar only one guy saw it and he was my opponent. I made two consecutive pool shots that were difficulty 10 and involved "hopping" the cue ball over most of the pool table! Me and this guy were amazed! He probably thought I was a professional pool shark!

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    • Those are cool moments when you don't expect them!
      Bend it like Beckham baby!

    • 😎😎😎

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  • Yup I dropped a wad of something I had and I hackey sack kicked it up and it bounced off the wall, the corner of the ceiling off another wall then into the trash.

    • I love hack sack!! So many memories!

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    • I still carry one in my backpack.
      I'll be going through my stuff and I'll find an old random hockey sack! It's great!

    • Hehe yeah I have my old one as well, it really is.

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  • All the time, best on was shooting a quarter into a shot glass but my back was to it so I wasn't looking. No one ever believes that till this day

    • I believe you bro! How many tries though?

    • That's why it's unbelievable because I kinda said acrew this because I couldn't make it in facing the shot glass so I kinda just flung it. No lie it went in. I heard the glass clink and there it was. My jaw dropped in disbelief haha

    • that was god playing a prank on you! lol

  • I once dropped a full glass of milk (plastic glass) and it landed perfectly up so not even a drop had spilled, one of the most amazing things that's ever happened to me and yea no one saw it.

  • Hey dude, welcome to the club! I've done super awesome things in my lifetime but most people have never seen it.
    I usually just decide that it can be a secret I keep that I can pull out when I want to impress someone (especially girls, they love short stories about an awesome thing that a guy's done, as long as he doesn't brag too much.)
    Hope this helps. Go for it!

  • Often various sport feats, such as landing cross basketball court goals using a soccer ball or doing an impressive freestyle trick.