What would someone do in this situation?

senario: You start working for this "department" or "organization". Mind you there is no regulations here and everything is turned a blind eye to things. John Doe has been there for 30 plus years. Jack Smith joins the "department" or "organization" John Doe knows Jack Smiths mother and him but makes life difficult for him.

During this time John Doe has not gained advancement so the head of the department is forced to take an exam for John Doe since he supposedly cannot comprenend anything. During this time, John Doe rediclued Jack Smith many times and when it was reported, nothing happened to John Doe. Jack Smith even felt reprussions for it. over a course of 9 years, John Doe has been promoted up the ladder without exams and now John Doe is head of the department. Many people have left which been replaced by new people but only Jack Smith and another person knows how John Doe is.

What can Jack Smith do in this case, and mind you the HR turns a blind eye as well as EEO of the department turns a blind eye


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  • Go to the top of the ladder honey. Corporate


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