Is this one of the signs?

Of me growing up and becoming more mature? 😂
I've noticed something.. Really strange.
So I used to care about looks a lot and judge people based on how they looked like..
Like there was a guy that was friendly but he was bald, had tattoos and looked.. 'Dangerous'
He was really really friendly but I behaved like a 'b****' because of the way he looked like.
I was never overly Rude and said mean things but still judged people on how they look like.. (And stayed away from the 'ugly' and dangerous looking people)
But now, I'm like this 'friendly' girl who befriends people based on their personality rather than their looks..
Or is this some sort of strange phase i'm going through?
Perhaps i should get my eyes checked lol


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  • It might be a sign of you becoming more mature. Taking people's personalities into consideration is important.


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  • Generally speaking people look like what they are, if you choose to have a skinhead and cover yourself in tattoos and earrings- you're probably a cunt.


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