Have you ever thought it was just a fart?

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  • Sometimes pumps have lumps as my dad used to say :P


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  • I have never pooped myself while trying to fart. However, I hear when you get older that does become more of a problem.

    • I know a girl that farts loudly in public though. She does not care, she just lets it happen loudly, even if guys are around her.

    • Haha does she do it around you too?

    • Well this was a girl that I was talking to online. She was telling me this. She was saying she would be shopping and she would push a fart out loudly. I think she said she would be looking at stuff on the selves in a shop and she would just push loud farts out into the air when she is looking at stuff. That she does not care. The only thing this girl cares about is getting her farts out. LOL

  • I think some unlucky ones may come across some 'shitty' situations...

  • I don't see how anyone can shart unless they're under the age of 5. I've never done that.