To avoid cutting?

so i used to be close with my friends until they got distance since this new girl came

lately I've been feeling depressed and i want to find a way to keep my mind off them so i dont cut

can u guys help?


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  • The most important thing to understand is that cutting yourself will not make the problem go away. Yes, it's a cry for help, but nine times out of ten, there's no one to listen. On GAG, there are girls and guys that will always listen, even though we might be on the other side of the world. We have the time, and we want to listen. We do have some trolls here, too many for my liking, but you have to ignore them.

    Make some friends here first. That will get your confidence going again. There are lots of girls and guys here that would be more than happy to chat with you by PM without getting pervy.


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  • What is it with Caucasians and cutting themselves?
    Look, young one, just know that u cutting on yourself will only hurt you physically. Those bleeding scars won't magically appear on your friends' body and hurt them. Only u will feel the burning pain. You don't want that.

    As far as your friends are concerned, I understand completely. It hurts like the dickens when they start hanging out more with someone who just got in the picture. What I've learned is that the people who truly love u will always stick by u and have your best interests at heart. Even if they haven't spoken to u in a few days, they'll still love u and treat u right.
    True friends can't be taken away from you because y'all share a special bond that no one else has.
    Have you tried getting to know the new girl? If u start spending one on one time with her and really get to know her, u might find your newest bff. Or, u could also find that she's the lousiest louse and could warn your friends about her.

    • i knew her from 3rd frade she moved away i made new friends now she's moved back and my friends are leaving me

      i hare the chick

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    • they already know how i feel i haven't talked to them but i know they know how i feel by the way they look at me in the halls and no the girl hasn't changed

      and why would care if u self harm or not in the first place? its not like were ever going to talk again so whats the point in caring about if i cut or not

    • One thing you have to learn, is to never attack those who are trying to help u. I'm not the one your mad at. You're the one who came to us and asked for advice.
      Why do I care whether you'll cut or not? Because it's called caring about your neighbor. I don't have to know you personally to care about your mental health and your self-harming.

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  • If you feel like talking.. want a shoulder to cry on.. just vent it all out.. you can always message me. I might try to help if i can :)


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  • I'm sorry, I don't mean to be offensive but I have to be honest. Cutting is nasty, physically and mentally unhealthy, and a blatant display that someone is clearly highly unstable. The physical act of creating a scar, making yourself bleed, and risking infection or for all you know making yourself susceptible to some sort of airborne disease is appalling. If it's pain you seek to make you feel in control and distract you from your depression, then get your butt in the gym and push yourself to lift weights that will literately tear and rebuild your muscle. Don't risk doing something that will leave scars forever and possibly kill you.

  • This happens to everyone, when their friends' end up finding new people to hang out with. Don't hurt yourself over something you cannot control. You will find new friends too, and then what will be the point of having hurt yourself?

  • Get other friends, listen to music, get a hobby