Gasoline landed on my skin?

ok I don't know how or why but I was filling up the car, spent 17$ on gas, and it seemed like it was done, but it wasn't.

some gas spilled on my clothes and arm and I'm pretty sure it's really bad for my skin.

what do I do?

by the way the gas kept coming and coming and it wouldn't stop so I just stopped until the sale value reache 20$ like wtf?


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  • Gasoline is a solvent so go wash your hands. That's all you need to do. You'll want to wash your clothes, too. I like the smell of gasoline but I wouldn't want to smell it all day.

    It sounds like you need to learn how a gas pump works.

    • this is the first time it happened though, I pay with my debt card, and it always automatically stops pumping at 17$ but this time it kept going I was surprised

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    • Always tap the nozzle to get any drips out before removing it from the filler of your car.

      Report this to the station attendant, since you're apparently still sitting there posting on GaG O_o

    • I just did, that's a fire waiting to be started.

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  • Rinse your arm off. If you can, you should probably take off what clothes you can and wash it as soon as possible. I think gas soaks into your skin but if it's just a little you might be okay...

  • Just wash it.


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  • Dont worry about it. I spill gas on myself all the time, probably not good for you but it hasn't hurt me yet.

  • wow... i wish i could unread this question... my brain hurts now

    • lol gtfo, it ALWAYS locks at 17$ and that's why it caught me by surprise when the gas spilled

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