How long should I wait to go the doctor?

So yesterday I slipped and fell on concrete I don't have a concussion the concrete hardly touched my head. This is totally embarrassing but the first thing I landed on that absorbed most of the impact was my butt and after that my back then my head. My right side specifically my right pelvis is super sore and I want to make sure this is not bigger than I think it is. Last night I slept fine but it was hard to go to sleep and I can't sit for a very long time before it hurts again like i was working on my research paper and could not sit for very long and now it hurts like it did yesterday its probably super bruised but I don't know if its worse or not


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  • If I were you id go @Ginnyweasley97 just to be on the safe side. Im sorry that happened to you though. Hope ya fee. Better soon ☺

    • Feel. Just be careful,. What were you doing when you fell?

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    • Thanks for MHG ☺

    • You're welcome!

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  • I know I've cheated a little by copying & pasting this, but I think it is important you read it.

    "The women's coccyx is rotated, leaving it more exposed to injury. Women have a broader pelvis, which means that sitting places pressure on their coccyx (male anatomy causes them to sit without much pressure on the coccyx) Childbirth is a common cause of the condition."

    • Gosh.. Thank you so much for the MHG.. I do hope it was all good news, and that you are feeling much better.

    • I am thank you. After about two days a ll pain went away like all I had to was get a good night sleep. I am just taking it easy to not reinjure myself.

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  • Go today
    Better safe then sorry


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  • Be careful, and yes you should go to the doctor as soon as possible, do not wait!!

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