Do you know of any decent voice to text programs for PC?

Alright guys, I'm in a bind. I have a massively important paper due tomorrow and I just had to get stitches on one of my fingers (read: typing hurts a lot).

Fortunately, the paper is almost done but I'd really like to use some program to do this shit. Any recommendations?


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  • Windows 10 has it baked in.

    • Fuuu I'm a little reluctant to download Windows 10 until after exams because I have to use a program called Examsoft, and I'm terrified something will fuck it up lol.

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    • Alright dope I'll fuck with it.

    • Good luck. Just Google "voice recognition" and "windows 8" use the quote marks so you only find those phrases.

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  • Windows should have a program that came with the computer. You should be able to find it in Acessibility. It takes like 15 minutes to get calibrated but after that it's not too bad.


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  • I have a friend who is partially paralyzed neck down after an accident.

    He uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking. That kind of investment was wise for him but for you..

    Try this using google chrome..

  • evernote has one


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