Why did they blame me?

Ok so iv been using my mom's car for a month... the other day the fuel pump gave out.. everyone Blames it on me? Fuck them I swear ,, why did tey blame me? My mom blamed me and said it was my fault


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  • If you were using the car for a month, they probably expected you to monitor maintenance in that time.

    • Ya I guess..

    • A fuel pump isn't standard maintenance. That's a roughly 700-800 dollar repair, and normally just wear/tear and mileage that causes that.

    • @Outofthegrey THAT'S WHAT I WAS SAYING LIKE WTF..

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  • Did you run out of gas? Or drive it real low? Newer cars where the fuel pump is in the tank will use gasoline as a lubricant... So if you drove it empty it could burn out the pump...

    • I'd put gas befor the light would go on.. but still once or twice this month...

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    • Parents can be asses... Fuel pumps dont usually give any warning

    • I never ran out of gas completely

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