How to find confidence in yourself?

It's pretty hard to find that when you're ugly like myself, so how do I gather confidence if I have nothing to be confident in?


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  • confidence has nothing to with how you look, so get that out of your head, that's utter bullshit. No women is going to come running up to unless you johnny depp, brad pitt etc.

    Confidence is a skill, and that skill needs to be worked on. No one is just born confident. The only way to get confidence with women, or anything in life, is just put yourself and their and see what happens. Now if you want a girlfriend, you are just going to have get yourself out your comfort zone, and start talking to them. if you might have ask 100 girls out, for 1 girl to say yes to you. That's life, if you want a girlfriend then you are going to have to be willing to take massive amounts of rejection. If want you success in life, then you have to be willing to pay the price for it.

    • Believe it or not I have seen a lot of ugly guys with beautiful women, why cause they have balls, and a lot of confidence. Confidence is very attractive to women, much more so than looks. Because confidence tells her, you can get her through anything in life. Your the men that will get what she wants when the chips are down.

      Without confidence, you are useless to yourself, and you will be useless to her. That;s a fact.

    • Getting a women is no easier than buying yourself a nice car, you have work damn hard for it. the nice car is just not going to appear on your driveway. Its the same with women, you are going to have to work damn hard for it, show them why should they want you. what makes you special, what can you offer them besides your looks.

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  • Dude, can you stop? Please? At least post an actual question instead of all these crying 'I'm so ugly' things. You're not fucking ugly. But saying that you are every other day just pisses people off. Plus, even if you were ugly, it's easier to find an actual, genuine girlfriend.
    Stop looking at everything like it's so crappy and go to a coffee shop or something


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  • Oh come one now. You're not ugly... Believe in yourself because everything must start with you.

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