Should criminals be given a military beasting?

maybe if ex millitry were to give theam a teast off 1950s national service it would kick them into touch

I was thinking more about first timers.
I also think it will help keep prison numbers down
teach them some respect and discipline
it could knock some sense into them and maybe get then to join the real amy etc


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  • I think it would be physically exhausting for both parties. And most criminals (the ones with power) in prison wouldn't like it.

    • With most power*

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    • it's not just one guy runny a whole camp.
      they is a group off office etc it set up like a real amy camp.

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  • let me get this straight, you want criminals to join the armed forces.
    There is a reason penal battalions are a last resort, you are giving a criminal a gun.

  • They did this in the Vietnam era and it was a disaster. I come from a family of Marines and I served as well. I heard stories about the Marine Corps having gangs inside. A lot of "friendly fire" in country. When I was in I already saw a lot of terrible piece of shit people. I couldn't imagine it of ever being worst but apparently it was. My grandfather calls todays Marine Corps the Apple Corps lol.

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