How come he blocked me when I followed him on ig?

It's this guy that I sext sometimes, and he blocked me when I tried to follow him on instagram. I sent him a message telling him not to post anything from the convo like multiple times. Maybe he thinks I'm a prude or too paranoid?

Could he have been embarrassed?


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  • His girlfriend that you don't know about is hawking his IG feed.

    • Oh yeah that might make sense. Wouldn't that be a problem in a relationship if he's sexting other girls?

    • Uhhh, yeah that'd be a problem. That's why he doesn't want his girlfriend asking awkward questions about the girl that just added him on IG.

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  • And this is why you shouldn't send pictures of yourself, especially being underage. He has things he can use against you if he so chooses.

    • He said that he wouldn't. He even showed proffered he deleted it

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    • There is backup storage but as long as it doesn't somehow go viral you should be okay.

    • I don't think it will