Do dreams mean anything and if so what?

What do your dreams mean? Is there certain meanings or something? Been talking with this guy I. Really like haven't talked to him in a week because I always text first and I know he has a f-buddy so didn't want to I don't know be so pushy. If something happened it did. Anyway be texted me good morning and that he had a dream about me well an x rated one lol. I want to know what dreams mean if they have certain meanings within categories.


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  • Our brains remain active when we sleep and we go through intervals during the night known as REM (rapid eye movement sleep), which has heightened neuronal activity. However, no one yet has figured out exactly why we dream.

    Some people believe it is a meaningless by-product of our neuronal activity during sleep, especially during REM. Others, myself included, believe that it is a way for our brains to organize memories, solve problems, and deal with emotions.

    One thing is evident to me- the more frequently I meditate, the less often I dream, the less sleep I need.


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