Are the presidential debates actually glorified press conferences?

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  • Not quite. At a press conference the interviewee is typically the one who called it, and therefore is allowed to prepare a response or oration. With debates, especially the republican ones the way they currently are, they can prep responses to common questions they might all be asked, but none to anything the other candidates might say. It's not like Trump submits a transcript to the other candidates beforehand about whatever ridiculous remarks, accusations, or questions he might spew out.

    That being said, the questions do need to be a bit more specific and should focus more on actionable plans rather than just pegging down the individual ideology of the candidates.


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  • no, it is worse. the whole voting system is fraudulent in the US, just as it is in other countries as well. the presidencies are decided well in advance before the debates even start. people like the bilderbergs decide stuff like this. some say illuminati. potato potatoe

    • So who is the next pick?

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    • Actually I don't recall any of that.

    • yeah, that's the point. the media brainwashes you. sensory overload. bam. people even forget what happened not too long ago. like, WTC7.. we are too busy following the walking dead

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