What u guys going to school for?

Just seeing your answers I'm still confused in life


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  • Molecular Biology focusing on Genomics. How about yourself? Don't worry about being confused. I'm 25 and basically finished my degree and I'm still confused in life.

    • Whats genomics? ... lol right!! they say your suppose to know by the time your 18 on what u want in life , but I guess I'm still a kid because all I wanna do is have fun

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    • Ha ha ya life is hard but hey , you graduated !! Congrats to you!!

    • I'm almost finished. Not quite :P I'll take the grats though! Thanks, lol.

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  • It's okay to be confused! You're still young, take some time to pick up some new hobbies and figure out what you're really passionate about. Nobody wants to have a career that makes them miserable. And, I'm going to school for SFX makeup


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  • I'm doing Computer Science and Business. Hoping to major in Software Programming so that after I finish university I can create my own Programs, Apps, Games etc. :D

    • Ayyyyyy whats wrong with wanting to be successful :(?
      Living the average life is so boring anyways so either do something fun or do something that makes you a shit-ton of money. Programming is both fun and high earning with high potential :D

      It isn't my favourite thing in the world but you have to be realistic you know? Sometimes the things you like shouldn't be considered into your career and should just stay as a hobby. However if you don't care about money and wouldn't mind something average then umm you could become a boxer or boxing coach. Hey becoming a boxing coach isn't half bad. If I had the money I would open up my own gym/boxing gym and I don't think it would be that hard. All you have to do is take money and then let the members use the equipment xD with proper education it would be easy to coach them too and you yourself could train there too lol and get partnerships with supplement companies and stuff.

    • Well thank I for the advice , sorry I didn't mEan it a harsh way by calling u nerd , it's just the way I joke around , but that does soundlike a good career... you should make games more awesome 👍👍

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  • My older sister went for communications. I myself am still trying to decide. What are some of you interest?

    • How cool.. all I'm into is boxing and animals , poetry... what about you? Or you confused aswell lol

    • I am super confused to. I do know that I want to join the army after I graduate high school and want to work on getting my degree while enlisted.
      I am not really good at academic stuff so I do not really not what I would be good at. Do you know what kind of job you want someday?

  • Dietitian.