Girl turned her back to me when I approached her and gave her a compliment?

I was shopping at walmart and I noticed her looking at makeup at the makeup. This seems to happen all to often to me. (Not the turning around part) but the girl will respond in such a soft voice that I barely even hear her. She was like thank you and then said it again two seconds later and then turned around and went back to looking at makeup when I was standing there. I came over and told her I thought she was beautiful and wanted to come over and introduce myself. I'm always a bit shy in my approaches, so they tend to come off as not very confident I think maybe. lol So I don't know if she was a bitch or maybe she was nervous. Anyways I got the feeling she wasn't interested so I was like ok and just left. She definitely was shy so hopefully I didn't make her feel bad by just walking away. Opinions? It's not too often I catch a cute girl just standing in one place by herself for more than 10 seconds, so i thought I would take the opportunity and approach her. Maybe it was all my fault and I screwed it all up.


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  • That's really creepy, but I personally am used to random flirts and compliments from guys. Also, it depends on how u said it. by the way, did I read it right? U approached her while she was alone in an aisle and paid her a random compliment?

    • What's creepy? Her behavior or me approaching her? We made eye contact while I was walking by, so I kept shopping for like 5 more minutes and then noticed she was still in the same isle so I went over to introduce myself and told her she was really cute. The part that threw me off was that she turned back around and went back to looking at the makeup. I was thinking to myself wow, what a bitch. Normally I would start talking to her, but I figured she didn't like me much if she's going to do a complete 180 and go back to looking at the makeup the second after saying thank you

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    • What's the big deal? Everyone is a stranger in the beginning.

    • Lol, I guess

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  • You screwed up, she probably thought you were a creep. Next time wait till the girl compliments you first.

    • Since when do girls compliment guys first?

    • The only compliment I've been given by a woman is that I'm good at remembering things. Oh and that I'm a nice guy.

    • I don't know about you, but I get it pretty often.

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  • She said thank you and then went back to what she was doing. What else was she supposed to say?


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