Do you think they are idiot?

Yesterday , I was walking with my friend towards small city field of my city. I saw some foreigners giving lecture about Jesus ( Christain , Bible ) in that field. People of my city are 90% hindus. Many people were there because there was free lottery awards also. My friend and I stayed there because we also wanted that award. ( Unfortunately , we didn't won any awards last night. ) Foreigner had completed their lecture before they asked people to pray for Jesus. One lady who was in group of Foreigner asked people of my city " My friends , are you in trouble? Are you in tormet? If so , then don't worry. Today , Jesus is in fornt of you. He will do his best to heal all of your problem. Please raise your hand who have problems. " Many people raised hand after she asked. She continued " Now let's pray. " ---------------- After praying for few minutes she asked again to the people of that field " Raise your hand if you are healed by Jesus. " When she asked this question , many people raise their hands. More than 50% people were there to raise hand. " OMG , WTF !!! " I spoke myself. I wasn't able to stop my laugh.
She asked with individual people how they were healed by Jesus. Some people told he repaired their ear , some told he repaired their vision of eyes and most funny moment was when one old lady , whose leg was jammed since 2010 , told now she can walk easily.

P. S : I am not against of any religion. But I want to ask one question. If this is really possible then what is the use of studying MBBS? What is the use of doctor in our society?


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  • I will tell you my religion upfront, none. I am an Atheist

    There's a reason for medicine and doctors my friend, no amount of praying cured the black plague in Europe in the years 1346–53 and many people lost their faith in their god and his so called mystical powers. Just as no amount of praying could have increased your chances of winning that lottery.