Which car should I get?

Honda Civic coupe 04
For 3k
290,000 mileage

Nissan Altima 05
4,500 $
108,000 mileage

what do Yu prefer better , and why are people saying Nissan altimas are the worst lol


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  • What issues does each car have?

    • The Honda doesn't have any problems it's 04 and it almost over 200,000 miles capacity 2 doors

      The Nissan is 05 and it has 108,000 miles and the only thing it has is that it needs new pedal pads

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    • Thank you so much !

    • And to ur question I'm more of a Nissan because I travel alone but I'm thinkin for future use if I want to move out and use the space in the car

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  • I own a 2004 Civic with 200k miles on it. I have a close friend with an Altima from around that time (04 or 05).

    At the age of either of those cars, you're going to have plenty of normal maintenance costs. Both are probably due for a timing belt and water pump, and starters and alternators, if not recently replaced, could go at any time. Other normal wear items, such as brakes and suspension will also need replacing if they haven't been recently. That's just the nature of used cars with high mileage.

    Having said that, if these cars have been properly cared for, they will both have plenty of life left in them. Make sure that neither has been in any significant accidents and don't have "Salvage" titles, as this will affect their resale value and in some cases their safety.

    I own a 2004 Civic EX, and aside from an airbag recall (replaced for free) and normal maintenance, it's been bulletproof, as have been the last 6 Hondas I've purchased for myself or my family (my dad has a long commute, and has had two of his Civics crashed into).

    Nissans are fairly reliable, but I'd put them a notch below Hondas & Toyotas in overall reliability - and their resale value reflects this.

  • Anyone who gives you answer is not asking you the questions you need to be asked.

    I won't start. Buy the cheaper one.

    • I'm on a budget but j wouldn't mind getting the 4K one

    • It's not the budget but the turnover. How long do you expect to use the car? How well do you take care of your cars? How much money do you have set aside for repairs? Etc.

      They are both used so you are getting them in "questionable condition" meaning that without a budget for repairs you're basically just giving away your money. Contingencies!

  • At 290 thousand miles that thing is shagged beyond repair. That car will be a money pit

  • honda buy it


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  • I had a Honda Civic for my first car though it was older (99) and it was a great car. It's good on gas and mine never gave me any problems, so the civic is my vote!

  • Nissan has less than half the miles and is newer. Get that one.

    • Yea I like the Nissan more but so far all I'm getting To get the Honda