What do you do when you're plan was go on diet, but you're unsure if you gained weight or not?

So im already a quite healthy person, i dont eat junk food or drink soft drinks, i eat chocolate, sweets etc once a week ( i used to buy a bag of crips, a bar of chocolate, and sweets one day, but would eat it through the whole weekend, now i have one "eating day"),

i only eat whole grain products and when i started my "diet" i have been way better at including a lot of vegteables + i have been drinking more water

I started running more then i usually do, before i almost only did hard strength training. Despite all that i almost feel like i gained weight, im not sure if its because i had my period around when i started (i get bloated one week before in addition the week i have my period), but thats 3 days ago or something..

But then again i haven't been working out as much as i would like because of exams and stuff.. So anyone else that has experienced this? im not expecting to have lost any weight, but i shouldn't have gained anything


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  • It could be bloating, but I bet that if you have gained weight that it is lean muscle. I put on 10 pounds of muscle when I started working out more seriously but I look better and slimmer. And way to go with your diet, that takes a lot of control haha. Your weight will fluctuate just based off how much water you drank or did not drink, and how much you have sweated, so you also may not have gained any real weight. Good luck, I hope this helped :)

    • makes sense.. Im sure its not muscles i have gained since i feel like i look bigger.. anyway, i just think its bloating when i think about it. It helped a lot, thanks :)

    • No problem!