He is the world's handsomest man in my opinion?

I posted pics before, maybe not the best, maybe the vid will elaborate my point

Just watch the first 15-20 sec and u'll know


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  • He's got good eyes but his nose and mouth are not good, his general facial structure is average.

    This is closer to what I'd call ideal:


    • his features and face structure is exactly like me which is why it surprises how he manages to look so great and me so shit lol

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  • May I ask what your question is?

    • isn't he?

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    • lol man, maybe it is indeed just me, but i do know, if i look as good as this guy, i won't look at any girl under supermodel status lol

    • Oh, okay.

  • So when do you plan on asking him out?

    • i would but my hot girlfriend whom i just dry humped wouldn't appreciate he he, but i would totally mfm 3some with this guy without crossing swords