Fallen Heroes... Do you have a person who you once considered a hero or role model but don't anymore?

A conversation on a post about Jared Fogle made me think of this (not saying i considered Fogle a hero or role model personally).

Is there a person/people/group (maybe celebrity or someone you personally know) that you considered a personal hero or role model who maybe had a fall from your good graces and is no longer a person you look up to?

please mention that person and why you no longer view them as a hero or role model and around when it happened



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  • Oh yeah that would be my mom... I could name a bunch of reasons why but I'll just keep it short and say she's not the person she use to be.

    Or maybe I was just to young and naive to tell before.


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  • I used to really admire Lance Armstrong. Finding out he lied, cheated, abused drugs and manipulated the racing industry for all those years was really disheartening.

  • i am very against losing faith in someone because of my loyal nature. i rarely look up to people in that way and i think if i did i wouldn't stop no matter what.

  • Yes, but things happen...

    • would you mind providing a little more detail? who that person was? or at least your relationship to them, and a little bit about what happened to cause them to no longer be seen in the same light?

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    • You're welcome. Sorry I was so vague, it's just not something I'm open about.

    • i understand.

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