R we too greedy?

I mean no one is starving nor dying, and yet we all dream of huge house, fancy vacations all over and luxurious cars or even private jets. We just can't stop working dreaming of it but only few make it and everyone else become trash like 85%

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  • I don't care what they want that's not what I want
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  • I can't choose any of your voting options because they're all extremely generalizing. Some people are greedy, some aren't. Personally, I'm not a greedy. Sure, I wouldn't say no to a big mansion (I don't care much about fancy cars or even privat jets) and being able to spend my life travelling around the globe. However, I'm still happy without millions of dollars in my bank account. I believe money is something that is nice to have but it doesn't make you inherently happy. In fact, they've made some research studies on this topic. Researchers looked at people who suddenly made a lot of money through winning the lottery. It turned out that until a certain amount of money (around 2 million dollars) people indeed did become happier due to their wealth. However, everything above this critical border of about 2 millions didn't improve people's happiness-level anymore. In fact, people who had won a crazy amount of money (more than 10 millions) turned out to be LESS happy 3 years after they had won the jackpot than they had been before winning the money.
    I am good at school and academically interested. I have always had good grades and I'm studying at a very good university (it's in the top 100 in the world). However, I have decided to study two subjects that won't make me rich and I want to get a job that is not famous for making people wealthy. I could have studied economy or business or something like that and started working in a big bank. Finally, I live in Switzerland where we have all the really big banks. I'm sure I would have found a job due to my grades and education. However, that's not me. I'm not interested in that kinda stuff. I'd rather have a job where I earn enough to live by but one that makes me happy. I'd rather struggle a bit with my finances once in a while but get up in the morning, excited and joyful to go to work than some rich, successful dude who gets up every morning dreading the day that lies ahead.


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