What's wring with my heart and do I have asthmatic symptoms?

About a week ago my heart rate started rising pretty quickly and I began having difficulty breathing, which I was told by a doctor was caused by anxiety (my heart rate was between 88-98 which I was also told was normal) however as the week progressed heart rate went down to a more normal rate but I was beginning to feel slight sharp pain either around or in my heart area on the left side of my chest and my breathing became heavier. sometiems when i take a deep breath (which I have I do often as I have difficulty breathing) or move my arms I'll feel the slight sharp pain. I'm hooked up to a heart monitor for a couple of days but I'm just curious what's up with my heart? is it a huge problem or is it related to possible asthma or something? I'm kind of scared (I had an ASD repair when I was nine but I don't know if that's trealted in any way)


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  • these are all questions that only a doctor would be able to answer with some level of certainty (some doctors are flat out dumb, so make sure you get a good one)


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