Should I express my feelings or no?

So there is this amazing girl that actually liked me. I didn't really show my feelings per say to her. This was all die to anxiety, shyness and inexperience. Anyways we would message each other once a week and I could never get it past small talk no matter how I tried. She ended up ignoring me for sometime and I thought it was something I said so I apologised. To which she said no I said nothing wrong. I just don't know if it was my inability to say what I wanted or just something else should I speak how I feel? If she feels the same good if not well could be worse or do I just move on?


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  • From my personal experience, it's not good to express your feelings too soon. You should talk to her more and ask her out instead. If she says yes, I'm sure you'll figure out when to tell her but if she says no, it's her loss.

    • Hmm... Ok was thinking of that solution as well. I just don't know where to really go with this. I like quite a bit but this ignoring me well took its toll. I don't know I just hope I didn't hurt her. Anyway thanks for the input.

    • She must've been annoyed with your short answers. When I don't know what to ask someone, I simply ask them to play 20 questions, that way I can get to know them better and I don't seem disinterested.
      If that fails, I'll simply start asking them random questions and that keeps the conversation flowing.
      Np and good luck.

    • Thanks a bunch this helps.

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