Is she trying to get a reaaction from or is being serious?

So we talked and talked back and forth, she was very friendly/flirty however you call it. Texting me back and forth in the morning, at night, noon, everytime so as any human being I'd think that she has an interest in me. Hearts, Good morning etc. She even offered herself for some help (for a class) and now we have to meet up soon and she tells me NOW a guy will join in (apparently her boyfriend and their relationship is very complicated ) when she helps me out but he won't bother us. WTF? Is she being serious, or is trying to test me and my reaction? Of course I kept my composure but who the hell does that? If she is in a complicated relationship why bring him when we meet?


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  • She's using you for an ego boost. Clearly she's not the kind of girl who respects her boyfriend, so why would you respect her.

    • ok but why hide that she has a bf?

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    • You are responding aren't you? That's giving her attention.

    • Wow ok then lol. Hope she fixes her issue. Still I dont get why she has to bring him.

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