Is it illegal to post this on social media?

I know a guy who is a real d-bag and yesterday posted a threat on social media. Just wondering if this is illegal? The thing is it's not addressed to someone specific... I'm copying and pasting what he wrote :

"If I knew who you were the trip to jail would be well worth me beating the living sh*t out of you!"

(I censored the swear word)
I know you can't put threats on social media, but wasn't sure about a case like this where it doesn't name someone specific.


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  • Legally you are probably in the clear.
    Still doesn't justify this behaviour. =(


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  • There's your answer, it could be a quote.. Asking as it isn't addressed towards anyone, your not really the eating a thing or anyone

    • I have a screen shot of it, just not posting it here for privacy reasons

    • That's okay I understand.. Like I said its not towards some one specific. If that person chooses to say something, you can simply say I never mention anyone. And that's that. There isn't any proof

  • I dont think you'd get anwhere with that. Even if it did mention a name you probably wornt get anywhere


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