Does anyone hate this?

It when producers and directors take a novel or story that a writer put all their thought in to make just to have them change the whole story for no reason.
Prime example is the the last apprentice series.

Does anyone hate this?

They changed so much for what? The main character is 13 in the book, movie he's about 23. Movie was almost completely was about sex and killing it was horrible. I'm reading the books right now and their great but it sad to see that someone bastardized the story.


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  • It's pretty shitty most of the time, but sometimes they gotta make compromises. I'm not super fussy.


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  • I only dislike it if they change the ending into something I don't like.

    Which hasn't happened so far, so I am cool with it. :)

    • How about the whole storyline?

    • It doesn't bother me.

      None of my fav books were made into movie, maybe that's why... except one maybe
      But the maybe looked boring so I didn't bother watching.

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