Is it normal I am afraid of getting older?

okay i have aspergers and due to aspergers i never got the teen experience such as dating and sex and parties and drinking. i feel bad about it and i am scarred to grow older i am 20 and never had sex and i have only been drunk like three times in my life. i have several fears. such as women are getting uglier. i believe once a woman graduates college she becomes ugly. like dont get me started on women over 25 they are so ugly. i have some fears such as nobody has casual sex in their 20s. also nobody has threesomes over the age of 20. and no one has daily sex (as in sex everyday) also nobody goes to parties or gets drunk past the age of 21. there has never in the history of mankind been somebody who has gotten drunk past 21 or has gone to a party. also the older a women gets the less she wants sex. i mean women over 20 dont even like sex. and women over 20 dont scream during sex. and once you're 20 you can't be sexually active i mean there has never been anyone over the age of 20 that is sexually active. the only time you can have daily sex or sex more than 1 time a day is when you're a teenager because teenagers have sex around 12 times a day. and i also fear that nobody over the age of 20 drives cars. is this all true. because i am very scarred of growing up and i dont want to grow up. i dont want to enter the working world and become an adult because i never had a chance to be a kid. i am so scarred of getting older its not funny


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  • I think you should stop being presumptuous first. People wouldn't have sex if they didn't like it and many people without something wrong with them don't have that expected wild teen experience.


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