What do you think of people who pretend to be in the military?

I'm far from pro-military, but these people are scum. Real assholes. They're just trying to get discounts on behalf of the people who have really earned that uniform.


  • Wow they're real pricks
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  • They're assholes but free discounts, amirite?
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  • It's really disrespectful. My boyfriend is in the Army and when offered he politely declined discounts and such because he thinks there are people who deserve it more (even though he already is active duty). The only free stuff that uniform stands for is people and country.


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  • I'm not a military type of person myself either. But it's definitely wrong to take credit of those who go through combat and seeing there friends die, just to get a bloody discount...


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  • ehh who cares i dont exactly respect military people more then I don't know a garbage collector.

    • like I don't know i got buddies who were in the service and they even say the special forces guys dont have to follow the same rules as just regular people in the service.