Has anyone else at 25 felt like you were out of your prime, like you are not as young as you use to be? I have felt like that since I turned 25?

I think i feel that way because i don't feel like i have totally lived my life to the fullest so far, and that i am running out of time to be young. I think i also feel that way because i am still don't have a girlfriend even though i see most people at my age dating. Anyone else feel this way?


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  • 27. It hit me at 27 lol. And sometimes I think I'm having a pre-midlife crisis 😂. But I have recently been introduced to a gentleman who is early 40's and is just full throttle and he has made me realize that I need to step up my game and act how I want to feel! He's a great motivator and reminder!


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  • No, that sucks. I'm almost 30 and feel way better than I did at 21. I'm stronger, faster, wiser, I make more money, I date more often and I have much more experience and I don't see a decline coming anytime soon.

    Start switching up your day-to-day activities/hobbies, meet different people in different ways, exercise more than you sit around and build your confidence up. It's all just a mind-set, really.


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