Do you ever regret not giving someone another chance?

I was very strict in my freshman year of HS. I had a crush on this guy for two years and well when he found out during that year, he acted stupid and made a commotion about it.

I never gave him a chance to fix it. One time he did tried to stop me from leaving the school library and was like ''No, wait, don't go, I'll be nicer'' but I still left and nearly shut the door in his face (even so, he was still trying to talk to me). I could see he had a regretful look in his face but I didn't reply and gave him the stern ''get lost, I hate you'' stare.

Years later, I wonder if I was overly strict. I've hardened in 9th grade (as a result of getting bullied in 7th grade and being stepped on for being too forgiving back then).

He would try to iniciate a conversation later on and I would practically ignored him. Now that I'm thinking, not sure how it would have been if I had given him another chance and had come back when he was telling me not to leave.


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  • In hind sight I did the same thing to a umm fuller figured girl that was hot on me , but a lot of cruel kids made it very awkward so I never allowed anything to manifest its self. In the past I wondered about what might have been yet never was

  • maybe he was just teasing and you overreacted? i mean, i guess he could be a jerk too, but seeing as how he had a regretful look, i kind of get the feeling he likes you back..

    • Yeah that might have been my first date if I had given him the chance. He did messed it up when he was teasing one day and was like ''Oh you like me, do you like me, I heard you saying... oh you should see your brother, he's so pleasant'' (I told that to his sister who was my friend but that was suppose to be a secret) and then added ''yeah I'm cute alright''.

      So yes, that was one of those worst introductory lines a guy can tell that it sounds jerkish. That made me dislike him immediately. Oh well. I think he only started liking me back when I stopped liking him.

    • actually he called himself pretty

    • you're right, that was pretty immature for him to do. i'm on your side with this one. but i still think he liked/likes you and is just an immature moron who approached the situation all wrong.

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