How is Turkey Breast cooked in Subways?

Yeah question is clear guys and gals..
I thought it is a baked whole turkey at first. But my friend told me that they fry it, while my other told me that they grill it.
So I am not really sure. I asked one of the employees in there and she said she doesn't know which made me think that they just don't want to reveal some facts..

This is what i mean by the way -->
How is Turkey Breast cooked in Subways?


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  • okay i'll explain this, you need to know the ingredients that they use, you put the breast salad bowl a big one that can fit at first you need to put all the ingredients needed in the breast and let it rest from 30 min to 2 hours the more it rest to more it'll taste good later, then try to make a roll shape of the breast turkey in aluminium paper wrap all the breast that rested in ingredients and put it in the oven for 2 hours to 4 hours on 200°


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  • It's cooked by a load of pakis.

    • what? read my question carefully pls..

    • I reckon it's seared then steamed.

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  • i dont like any of their meats they are fake. the only thing i get is their veggie patty vegetarian sandwich.

    • thanks, that was very related to my question

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