Is it bad that I don't love my mum? How do you know you do?

She does things for me like making tea and I live under their house. Thing is, my mum ennoyes me when she gossips and tells me what she expects from me a lot of the time. I get really annoyed with this. I've not actually told my mum I love her in years, neiter have I hugged her. I don't do what she says a lot of the time because I know she is capable of doing things herself.


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  • you sound like a spoiled, self centered brat if im honest. you live in her house, and dont do anything she asks?

    if you were my son, you would have been out on your ass long ago.

    • I do things she asks me to do, just I complain when she knows she could do it easily herself. these are simple things like making a cup of tea when she's next to the kitchen. you are probably right, I am self centered :/

    • she may be able to easily do it herself. thats not the point. im betting she does all the house work, cooks dinner, works to keep a roof over your head, and a hell of a lot more that you dont even know about.

      If all she wants in return is the occasional cup of tea, then why not just make it for her? she's your mum and there will be a time when she's not around anymore.

      I'm twice your age and not a day goes by where I dont give my mum a hug and tell her I love her. yes she annoys me sometimes when she goes on about gossip that I've already heard. But I listen to her anyway.

      you'll miss her when she's gone.

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  • Well.. I hate my mom.. I lived with her for 8 years and everyday at 5 am she would wake me up to tell me how much of a piece of shit i was and that i was a cocksucker... And when i started college she would keep me up all night talking shit to me... So, it doesn't sound like u have it that bad

    • did she actually just wake you up and tell you that or is there reasons for it?

    • No there would be no reason for it... She was completly bonkers.. Lol.. If i even said your a bitch, she would call the cops and have some story to put me in jail... I was 17 when i finally met my parents, so i was old enough to "handle it " as best as a person could... If there is ever proof that drugs mess u up, my parent would be it...

  • I really don't know how humans know they love things but I won't hold it against you. I mean I didn't even know until you told me, you know?