When it was the last time you’ve been kicked out from a restaurant/bar/club?

If u add some description as well about wot happened xactly…. u’ll get MHO….


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  • I've never been kicked out of an establishment thankfully.


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  • I got put through a window when i was in California after I got in a fight at a bar. Only true knock-down drag-out fight I've been in. He smashed a beer bottle across my head, I still have a small scar, and I cracked him with a bar stool. He fell over and then somehow I was being heaved through the window. I woke up to paramedics around me laying in shattered glass with cuts all over my back. They healed up fine though. Apparently the guy was in a local biker gang and after I hit him with the stool the rest of the crew tossed me out like a ragdoll.
    Does that count?


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  • Never happened to me.

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