What does it mean when a girl generally asks you what she should wear?

Okay, first thing is first; I only think of this girl as a friend, nothing more, nothing less. However, when she asked me what I thought of a "certain" photo, then I got kind of fuddled up. What does it really mean? When I told her I think of her as a great friend and all, she started talking to me less, and less. I mean, she is really pretty (no doubt about that), but I'm only 17, and not ready for such a thing. In fact, I've never had a girlfriend, nor a kiss in my life (nor do I need one as of the moment). Did I perhaps do someting incorrect?


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  • She likes u as more than a friend

    • Fudge, I'm in trouble now. This is what I was afraid of. This is why I seldom talk to girls.

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    • Well, that's mean then.

    • I can see where she's coming from.

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  • nope, she's likely not even insulted, just giving attention to other potential partners instead

    • Alright, that's a relief. I don't want to lose her as a friend, and I cannot see her as a "girlfriend" in my eyes. But, I don't get it either; I have a light-brown complexion (Pakistani); she is as pallid as the silver moon (European). So yeah, if I wasn't confused before--I am now.