A question for people who hate fries because they are “unhealthy”?

Imagine me and u…. we were stranded in a deserted island…. we’ve been widout food for 3-4 days and we were desperate to find sth to eat…finally we discover 2 chests…

Once we open ‘em…. in da first chest we found a box of fries…and in da other 1 we found a box of SHIT…I’ll be generous and let u decide first wot do u wanna eat from those 2?

#1…. or #2 (sic)?

  • i'd eat fries...
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  • i'd eat shit...
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  • If we were stranded on a deserted island, I'm assuming we are near water, So I would go fishing first and wouldn't starve for 3 days.

    • we'd have NO fishin tools...

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    • Ok... I choose fries then... yum!

    • Hey, thanks for MHO! 🤗

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  • only commies hate fries, it's proven.


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  • But fries are shit. This isn't a choice it's just a false dilemma.

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