What kind of spec does it take for a pc to handle this?

I'm not actually planning on buying a gaming pc, I'm just curious :/


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  • it depends on the rendered resolution. I imagine a basic i7 would do just because the graphics would be offloaded onto a card like a Titan.

    • The video looks like it's 1080p :/

      A basic rig can handle rendering 1100 characters on screen?

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    • That makes sense too, but I was talking about tv size and viewing distance, I might have just worded it poorly.

      Well... thanks for answering my questions.

    • No problem! Good luck out there with your Fallout 4.

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  • Fallout 4 is notoriously badly coded. Doesn't matter how powerful your computer is, it's gonna lag in some areas.

    It works on Xbox One and PlayStation, so pretty much any computer with a decent graphics card is gonna be able to get the same results.

    Check out PCMasterRace on Reddit for computers designed by console-loathing experts to be objectively better in every way.

    • did you watch the video?

      I'm not talking about just playing fallout, I'm talking about rendering 1000 enemies at the same time

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    • I'm not planning on getting a pc, I'm just wondering how good that guys pc had to be to handle that :/

    • Well over a thousand dollars in parts, then he probably had to put it together himself, and then he definitely over clocked the processor and graphics card/s.

      I bet it looks sexy 😛