What songs are there that Spidey can't dance to?

What songs are there that Spidey can't dance to?
I've tried death metal, even math rock, classical.


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  • What death metal? Lol. That doesn't seem like it would fit.

    Going through my collection. He does look good thrusting to Beethoven's 9th... and Cosmic Atrophy... and TTNG... ok seems legit.


    • I thought maybe if I found something with a tempo at a weird ratio to what he's going at, but I think the timing is just mixed so at some point in the sequence it's going to match up if you keep watching.

      This is the best I could do...

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    • Ikr, I'm still looking for more things to pair with him.
      Even Gregorian chants seem to work, but sweet fkn Jesus it's so funny. Picture him dancing like that to choral music in front of a thousand people in a cathedral. They'd be listening intently, all super serious, and then there's Spidey... deadly serious in delivering his performance. So good. :D

    • Thanks for MHO. :)

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