What types of volunteering will have the most young people?

  • Museums/heritage
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  • Animals, environment, conservation
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  • Art, drama, film
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  • Events
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  • Poverty, homeless, humanitarian
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  • Communities and equality
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  • Mental health and care
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  • I'm 20 and I volunteer with animals :) (see profile pic lol). There are several other young (and cute) volunteers, men and women. Most of them volunteer at the shelter to play with the dogs, but a couple of us foster :D

    You could also do Boys and Girls club or something.

    • Loll. Why the cute? Did you meet someone cute there?

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    • But surely if you take them out for exercise and they poop, you have to clean it.

    • Nope. The prisoners come and clean it later :)

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  • Young people at what age range? Anyways, I am guessing events because if there are sports related games happening, young people would be there.

    • 18-25

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    • Wow, that's very commendable.

  • I'd say humanitarian. I've volunteered in that before and there was a lot of young people, I've also volunteered in conservation related stuff and the group of people was more diverse in terms of age. As for in events, I think there would be a lot of young people as well

    • What type of events have you done?

    • Oh no no I've never volunteered in events haha but I think there would be young people there

  • i voted events but humanitarian is another one.

    • What kind of humanitarian?

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    • Do you have to clean up after them etc too?

    • Oops sorry I asked the wrong person

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