Can you find a BETTER movie theme song than this?

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  • I didn't vote because your options suck.

    • You sound like your in the hurt feelings locker right now

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    • cause then one of us would REALLY be butthurt

    • ... good point, and not the good kind of butthurt either. Not that we could both fit in a locker anyways.

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  • lol at the poll options. xD

    Well anyway, the Terminator theme is not my top favorite movie theme of all time, but it's definitely up there. Especially the more emotional-sounding version of it that they made for "Terminator 2". That movie was one of my favorite movies growing up in the 90s, and the visuals of the opening-credits sequence: still one of the most well-done intro montages I've seen. It really did a great job at powerfully showing the end of hope, with the burning playground.

    • whats your #1 theme then?

    • I dunno; I have so many favorite musical main themes that still come back into my head every once in a while, lol. Off the top of my head, in no order:

      - Indiana Jones
      - Back to the Future
      - Jurassic Park
      - Terminator
      - Rocky
      - Superman (with Christopher Reeve)
      - Batman (with Michael Keaton)
      - Batman (with Christian Bale)
      - Dragonheart
      - Lord of the Rings (the "In Dreams" theme)
      - James Bond
      - Mission: Impossible
      - Glory
      - Meet Joe Black
      - Beauty and the Beast
      - The Lion King
      - The Last of the Mohicans
      - Casablanca (even though that music existed before the movie)


      On and on and on. xD

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  • Oh definitely them Pokamen songs