I signed a lease for an apartment but couldn't get a cosigner, so I never turned in the signed paperwork. Does the lease still exist?

They have no record or proof of me signing the lease, so do I still have to live there? They don't have any proof of my signature on the lease. They only have my phone number and license number.


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  • They also know exactly where you live and have the keys.

    Rental law varies by state, but they would definitely have a good civil case against you if you did something they didn't like, and they felt like pursuing it. Without paperwork, you might also be evicted immediately.

    • I don't live there lol this was me signing for a new apartment for next school year 2016-2017. I don't have any keys or anything. We never got to that stage. They never saw or processed the signed documents. I left right away because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford not having a cosigner. And I took everything with me

    • Then you will be just fine.

    • Thank you for all of your help!

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  • Did they not have a signed copy of the lease?

    • No I never gave it to them at all because I knew I wouldn't be able to find a cosigner. They have no copy of the signed lease. They did print the lease out with my name on it to sign all the necessary lines but I left and took everything with me

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    • You can do whatever you want with the documents, but they have your name and a copy of your license, so they will probably black list you on the rental market because you wasted their time.

    • It's just a student apt. complex but thanks

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  • No as you never gave them a signed document you are not bound to the contract

    • Even if they know I signed it but kept it, they still can't hold me to it?

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    • no keep it for your records, especially if it isn't countersigned (they didn't sign them)

    • Will do! And nope, they didn't countersign. They never looked over any of my paperwork because I left right away lol.

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  • There's no contract formed, therefore no :)

    • Even if the lease they printed has my name typed into it? Even though i signed it I didn't submit it. I just left and took everything with me

    • The contract is perfected once the other party knew that you agreed. Since you didn't (you changed your mind), no contract :)

    • Okay, I just wanted to be sure. Since I signed the lease, I thought that meant I agreed to it, but it can't hold up if theg don't have a copy of it

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