For someone such as myself, what sort of job should I be looking at getting until I've finished my University studies?

So I'm an introvert, I work okay in certain groups but I don't work well talking to customers due to my incredibly bad social anxiety, never really done anything such as cooking, though I am somewhat good at computers, cleaning and well I don't know; It seems hard for me to start looking at getting my first job when most of them are asking for a customer service position, I just can't put myself to do that without making myself look like an ass because of my anxiety.

I'm looking to be studying TV production in Uni, I've already done about three years media level 2-3 work, so I know I can manage that, not really anywhere local does look out for media work.


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  • If you are looking for a "first" job, and not your for life job, obviously look for jobs that require little to no actual interaction with people. Night security, working in a stock room or back of the house in the mail room, or service kitchen. If you have any useful skills, you can start an online business where your main interaction would only be via email. Tutoring, website design, accounting, etc. online. I'm an introvert, and my real life job is photography. I work for no one and only deal with a few clients at a time. I used to work as a manager of a major museum and it was so stressful having to deal with hundreds of people, so I left that, and have been working for myself ever since.


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  • You could apply for stocking jobs and jobs that primarily have you working in the back away from the customers.


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